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Solar Power People

525 Opper St. California 92029

For all solar energy needs in southern California!

Contact Name: Karl

Contact Phone: (760) 738-4066

Contact Fax: (760) 738-8602

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At Son Energy Inc. we are committed to providing our clients with 100% customer satisfaction. We take pride in what we do, and do all we can to make sure our solar systems perform as specified, without problems.

Son Energy Inc. is family owned and operated and has been serving San Diego county since 1987. Karl Holmberg, the CEO, has over 25 years experience in all types of solar applications, resulting in over 4,000 installations countywide. Our in-house crews are paid hourly instead of by piecework to insure a quality installation.

Every installation is pre-sited by our installation manager to assure the best possible placement of your solar collectors. All installations are pressure tested well above operation pressures. A post-site evaluation is scheduled with you after installation is complete to ensure you are satisfied with the workmanship and operation of your system. Son Energy Inc. Is fully licensed, bonded, a member of the BBB, and insured up to a million dollars.

Son Energy Inc. is the exclusive distributor in San Diego for two major solar collector manufacturers for heating pools; Heliocol and Sealed Air. They represent the longest lasting, best looking, and maintenance free solar collectors available. Heliocol panels have been in continuous production since 1977 and Sealed Air has been producing high quality panels for over 20 years. Heliocol has a 12-year warranty and Sealed Air has a 10-year limited warranty on their collectors. Extended service contracts are available.

We feature Heliocol and Sealed Air solar pool heating systems for commercial and residential properties, Solahart passive domestic hot water systems and SunEarth panels for active home water heating applications.

We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate at your convenience, just call our toll free number at 877-407-6527.


Solar Power People
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